The Great Strength and Speed Coach Loren Landow

Sports are such a mainstay of society that it is hard to go anywhere and not hear something related to them. That is why when one individual makes such a difference and have their names go down in history as “one of the greats.” One such great that is still going strong is famous strength and speed coach loren landow. You can read more about his great achievements and how they have shaped the sports world below.

Landow has been working in sports training for well over 20 years. While he has become a highly sought-out strength and speed coach, he also goes by the title athletic performance specialist. With a career that has spanned over two decades, he has coached well over several thousand athletes, both professional and non-professional, of all sizes and ages.

His career is most widely known because of his contributions to training some of the most popular and beloved professional athletes. He has coached over 400 big-name players in huge sports organizations that include the UFC, WNBA, NHL, NFL, etc.

To football fans, his contributions to the Broncos are well-known. This is because he worked with 20 of the players during the lockdown. He has worked with over 50 athletes in the NFL total as a strength and speed coach.

Aside from being a famous coach, he has also worked extensively in sports sciences. He is highly lauded over his work in biomechanics based on his precise training of individuals to maximize potential while greatly decreasing the chance of injuries.