The Basics Of Gardening In Denver

If you move to Denver and you love gardening, you might be end for a rude awakening. Gardening is difficult at best in Denver and you aren’t going to get that lush garden that you might have had if you are moving to Denver from the coast. Read on to learn some basic gardening tips that will help you have a successful garden.

The first thing to remember is that the growing season is short and the weather is highly unpredictable. It isn’t unusual for Denver to get a snowstorm in late May or even early June, which spells disaster if you have jumped the gun and started putting things in the ground like many people do. Many new transplants have been horrified to lose hundreds of dollars worth of the plants the first year they move to Denver because they planted them too early.

The safest thing is to wait until early June to get your garden in the ground. Even then, many potential disasters can happen. Freak hailstorms can pummel your plants to the ground and periods of extreme dryness can turn your plants to dust. Denver has an arid desert-like climate with little water, lots of sun, and intense heat.

Denver is also prone to droughts which means you often are restricted in how much you can water. Most years you can only water three days a week and only during certain hours, so if you have plants that are water hogs, they are likely to die. The key to gardening in Denver is working with the environment instead of against it.

You want to stick with plants that don’t take much water and native plants often work the best. Low water plants can be beautiful and they are equipped to deal with the challenging conditions that Denver offers. You will also save money on your water bill when you use native plants.

You might also want to consider xeriscaping your yard. Xeriscaping can be beautiful and it typically involves rocks and native plants that are arranged in a beautiful way. You can do a lot with this type of gardening and you will also end up with a low to no maintenance yard that requires very little watering. When you move to Denver you have to adjust your expectations if you want a yard that is going to look good in unpredictable weather.